How lovely aren't these...

 …new glittery paper star garlands from Rie Elise Larsen? Brand new in the store, we love how they're just the right amount of magic for a little room or a space. Where's there glitter and magic, well, that's a place where we want to be.


A Wee Bit of London...

How lovely isn't this - Regent Street all prepared for the busy holiday weeks ahead. The snap was actually taken a week or two ago, but it felt like a good image to say bye to this week and good morning to Monday. Only a month left until Christmas now… 


How cute aren't...

…these little night lights, in the most minute mini versions? Baby Hungry Bunny and Baby Squirrel joined the team very recently, and have almost sold out completely in just a few days. We've been told they won't be available form the manufacturer until January again, so if you want to get your paws on one or two, we would recommend you to order them fairly soon… Aren't they sweet? Just perfect for the chilly, dark autumn nights..


Bimbily's Gift Guide for 2013 - Find Your Perfect Gifts for the Little Ones!

 Take me to the gift guide!

Christmas is just around the corner, and it's soon time to get all those gifts ready so that you can relax and have a jolly good time when the peak days of the holiday kick in. We've prepared a little Bimbily Christmas Gift Guide filled with different gift ideas, suitable from 0-10 years old.

If you find something that you want that is temporarily out of stock - don't worry. Most items are on their way again and should be here no later than next week.

Have fun browsing!


Things We Do to Relax.

Right now we're in the middle of a very busy work period, filled with newness and exciting things coming up. Everyone seems to have started to feel the buzz of the upcoming holiday season, and it seems to be everywhere all of a sudden.

In extra hectic times like these, we have a favourite film to watch in our house. A film that makes one forget about small and perhaps stressful things and travel far away to a place where, even if there's rain, there are always smiles. And Gene Kelly.

I'm of course talking about Singing In the Rain.

Fabulous film, fabulous cast, fabulous music and dance. What more do you need? It's perfection. And, the best part: The kids love to watch this one, even from a pretty early age.

So, here's a small clip and a huge recommendation if you're yet to see it:

What are your favourite films to watch over and over again with the kids?


Lately on Instagram

The last couple of weeks have included many changes, both on smaller and larger scales. Moving, reorganizing, re-planning, reconnecting, rediscovering London.. A lot of re:s. And it's been fabulous.

A few images from the last couple of weeks:


New In: Muslin Comfort Blanket from Aden+Anais

A cuddly companion made with muslin and love, the classic musy mate™ lovey puts a fun twist on security blankets, providing comfort at bedtime and beyond. Whether you’re looking for a new baby gift or celebrating your little one’s first birthday, the musy mate lovey will quickly become any child’s favorite animal friend. We specially love these ones for the babyshower or as a gift for the newborn child. To purchase, please have a look in the store.